Adam Dixon – Couturier

Adam Dixon’s interest in fashion design stemmed from his childhood, where he would look at old photographs of his glamourous mother in designs that his grand mother had created. Adam was amazed at how beautiful fabric could transform the “ normal” woman that he saw every day into an elegant goddess.  Adam’s fascination with making woman look glamourous continued and he went on to study fashion design at college. His label Adam Dixon Couture started soon after graduation. Adam’s dresses are a juxtaposition of old world glamour and  modern simplicity. They have elegant, feminine lines, luxurious fabrics and exquisite detailing. He is a true couturier and knows how to cut a dress to accentuate each individual woman’s figure.

Adam’s easy going, witty (some times quirky)  personality makes having a dress made by him be so much more  than just “the dress”.  Adam looks at each dress as an individual work of art and each woman as his canvas.  He insists on doing all of the consultations and fittings himself. Adam feels that this is the only way to make his creations and clients look and feel truly magnificent. Adam also offers a complete couture experience where he will design your dream dress.